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Stylumia brings the latest blogs on Color AI, Retail AI, Fashion AI & Ecommerce AI with the help of data-driven insights

Is COVID-19 The New Normal Or A Black Swan?

| 4 min read Is COVID-19 The New Normal Or A Black Swan? Every day we are coming to terms with the new challenges of a pandemic. These challenges definitely point us to more permanent changes that we must be made in both our personal lives and also in our businesses. While many call it a black swan, it […]

on March 30, 2020

The Retail’s Technology ADOPTION Playbook

| 4 min read Future belongs to those who augment and adapt intelligence (technology adoption) and work synergistically with machines of all forms in this 4th industrial revolution (A technological revolution that is blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres – Klaus Shwab). Do you recall an experience of you driving a technological change in your workplace and you either had difficulty […]

on March 17, 2020

Key Success Driver To Digital Transformation

| 5 min read Transforming digitally is a need for anyone in any business now. It is not about wanting to transform that matters, but knowing how to. This edit focuses on the key to a successful digital transformation backed by research. Before we begin, here is a video from Nicky Verd (trailer of her book) author of Disrupt yourself or be disrupted which […]

on March 3, 2020

How To Scale & Win With AMAZON?

| 5 min read AMAZON will be a force to reckon with in retail with its relentless focus on customers (obsession with customers) and their ability to invent at scale. In order to maximize digital opportunity, it is imperative to win with Amazon. The following picture taken from amazon jobs clearly articulates their values (top principle) This edit is an […]

on February 24, 2020

The New Paradigm Of Fashion Business Intelligence (BI)

| 3 min read One of the things many executives do is open up their dashboards in the morning. they review key KPI’s, alerts. To get to this level of sophistication, it took thousands of IT hours to cleanse, prepare and develop tools that executives can use. They are slow to change, expensive and very static. In this scenario data […]

on February 6, 2020

Hidden Levers To Fashion Sell-Through

| 4 min read Matching demand and supply at the point of sale is a key goal at fashion companies, as this will mitigate the cost of stock clearances and reduce the opportunity cost of lost sales. It is a challenging goal, considering demand being highly uncertain and supply lead times are traditionally long. In this edit, we will […]

on January 30, 2020

“Data Vs. Creativity” To “Data-Inspired Creativity”

| 3 min read One creative discipline which adapted technology faster than many others is advertising. It is also one of the creative frontiers. Every creative professional can learn from this discipline how technology and data are used to augment the discipline. In this edit, we look at how the world’s top creative executives transformed their thinking from data vs. creativity […]

on January 21, 2020

The Future Of Fashion Is A Low-Density NOT High Density (HD)

| 3 min read In this world of transparency, consumers are more and more connected with “Purpose Driven Brands” which resonate deeply with them. This edit is about a purpose-driven fashion brand from Sweden, what one can learn from it and what is the future of fashion. I just returned from Vietnam wherein I got to meet Kristofer Tonstrom (Group CEO at Filippa K) who was a fellow […]

on December 27, 2019

Zero-Waste Fashion: Straight From Japan

| 4 min read Why we have not challenged the fashion manufacturing process for long? the traditional ways of making patterns, cutting, sewing, and finishing have been around for a long. This edit looks at one such innovation of zero-waste fashion that fundamentally challenges the current assumptions. The fashion industry is faced with many economic, environmental, and social issues. […]

on December 19, 2019

Data Is The New Soil, Not The New Oil

| 4 min read Data is the new soil or the new oil? If we enter any conference room or a lecture, it is not uncommon these days to hear “data is the most valuable resource” and “data is the new oil”. I was also party to this analogy. Off late, after working with a lot of organizations with data and solutions […]

on December 12, 2019

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