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Join us & help bring the best of consumer-loving trends backed with data-driven insight

Let's make some awesome products for Fashion & Retail industry

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Why Work With Stylumia

We think that having a career option with Stylumia, you can do your best with the freedom to experiment, sense of ownership of your work, license to fail and when you have peers who care just as much as you about their art.

We prefer to mingle with the community through meetups and conferences on topics as broad as daylight. And at the end of the day, we accept that we are humans, fallible to error, learning through errors together. After all, there’s a comedy in error too.

Living Stylumia Values

“User obsessed (user first)”

With Immense Patience, Think from User Perspective

The customer is at the Centre. In Thinking. In Solutioning.

We Design Solutions with Human Centricity and Empathy

“Do what we say – Integrity (Show & tell)”

Respect for Each Other. With Integrity & Consistency.

We Walk the Talk. Be an Epitome by Setting Example.

Be a Living Example for the Value & Expected Behaviour, and be consistent at it.

“Equality (no entitlements)”

No compromise on respect; irrespective of gender, experience

Leadership, Accountability, Risk-Taking at all Levels.

Make everyone’s opinion count. Inclusiveness.

“Transparency (no gossips)”

Express directly with Empathy

Open Communication.

Visibility and Access to Information across Levels.

Discretion applies only for personal/financial confidential information.

“Always Beta (learning, always raising the bar)”

Open to learning from my fellow-mates

Progressive, Continuous Improvement Culture.

Culture of Continuous Learning.

We are always a Work In Progress.

Growth Mindset

“Think big and fail fast (risk taking. Failure is not bad but not repeated ones)”

Speed is key. We will be Agile to Pivot.

Innovative, futuristic ( keep inventing. It need not always be new things. Invent the existing ways too)

There is never a perfect solution. We will always be open to making a solution obsolete to create a great solution that works for the future.

We will be ready to Disrupt, Think Big and Build Superior Solutions for the Stylumia Ecosystem.

“Technology-driven (always ask the question “can technology help me solve/scale this?”)”

Ready to Explore More. New Possibilities in Tech.

Technology will be at the heart of all Solutions

Data. Analytics. Automation. Intelligence. Will help us build Futuristic Solutions that stretch human potential and capabilities.

“Meritocracy (performance-driven)”

Believe in fairness and rewarding the deserving based on performance.

The Culture and Growth at Stylumia will be based on current performance that is measured quantitatively and with Objective Data.

What matters is Adding Value in the current context at Stylumia, by Performing with Our Complete Capabilities.

“Encourage 1st principle problem solving”

Ground yourself in the foundational truth and build the solution from there

The Solution for every problem is Simple.

Break down Every Challenge / Opportunity to the nuts and bolts to find the best solution that impacts the context at its foundations.

Always encourage and be inclusive of lateral perspectives to identify the Best Solutions for every problem.

“Data-driven decision making”

Data drives Accuracy. Credibility. Authenticity. Data is Science.

Our best decisions will be based on Researched, Analysed Data that will help us Create Accurate and Relevant Solutions in all contexts.

We will leverage Data to Predict the Solutions for the future.

Open Positions

We are hiring for some awesome positions

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