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Challenges And Solutions

Spot White Space Opportunities In
Assortment And Price

Spotting white space opportunities in assortment optimisation is a tedious and time consuming process. The current assortment optimisation practices spot what is available in the market which gives a supply point of view. As we know, supply is half incorrect from a consumer perspective. This led to the creation of a consumer-driven, demand-driven of white space opportunity spotting in the market. Using Consumer Intelligence Tool, you can get instant white space ideas in a few clicks from strategic to product SKU level.

With inflationary trends, pricing pre-launch and in-season (price optimisation) are strategic priorities for brands and retailers. In Stylumia CIT, you can get instant demand-driven price laddering and white space opportunities. You can analyse on list price, selling price and promotions / markdown price, and significantly improve revenue and margin opportunities with price optimisation.

Price your products right the first time.
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