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Demand Prediction

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Vineet Gautam
CEO, Bestseller Group

"The cost of going wrong in fashion is very high. We used Stylumia platform to predict the right tone of color, design and silhouettes. We saw overall increase in full price sell-thru at an absolute 6-8%."

Himanshu Dhiman
Director, APAC E-Commerce

"All innovations happen by asking questions. We have been asking questions with our own data so far. More difficult questions can be asked with a larger data set, in particular, with intelligence. We found Stylumia to be a perfect partner for providing us with external data with deep consumer intelligence. We are now able to ask deep questions in our business and move forward."

Satyen Momaya
CEO, Celio India

"Now that we have been working with Stylumia for a while, we can see what consumers are accepting and loving and what they are not. This had been helping our merchandising team forecast and plan our merchandise assortment better, which has been pivotal in improving our first quality sell-through rates. We are a product-driven company. Anything that helps in understanding the taste of our consumers at the level of store, region, country is extremely helpful and we think Stylumia is doing a perfect job at that."

Head of Innovation

"We have a mature data science team to constantly innovate and improve our prediction accuracies. When we came across Stylumia, We were not sure whether they can augment our current algorithms. Having worked with them for over one year now, We clearly see they are able to provide upwards of 20% improvement in forecast accuracies from our baselines."

Head of Marketing

"We service clients across US and Europe and supply products based on demand from brands and retailers. We spotted Stylumia as an early stage start-up 3 years back. We worked together on a customized solution to provide designs to our clients based upon consumer intelligence from Stylumia. We saw a jump in the adoption rate and also overall reduction in the research time."


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