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Launching Stylumia AXEL: 2-10X Your Digital Business

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Are you a serious entrepreneur or a CEO and wanting to scale your digital business by 2-10x, then Stylumia AXEL is for you. Watch the full launch video by our Founder & CEO Ganesh Subramanian below.

Transcript of the Video & How To Apply?

The detailed video transcript and the application details are below.

Video Transcript

1. Why do so many fashion, lifestyle, and home brands and labels launch online and very few succeed?

2. What differentiates super performing fashion brands and labels and the ones that just stay afloat or wind down?

3. Why so many bright entrepreneurs and CEOs end up wasting their energy?

My name is GANESH SUBRAMANIAN, Founder & CEO of Stylumia

Over the last four years, we have been helping some of the fastest growing fashion and lifestyle companies in India and across the world and we have boiled it down to three key reasons.

a) First, the entrepreneurs lack focus, they are not solving problem for a specific target segment.

b) They fail miserably in making the right products. They follow the traditional methods of fashion forecasting and that does not help them cut through the clutter.

c) They have not developed required selling skills for required winning in the digital medium lacking

We at Stylumia are obsessed with helping the entrepreneurs and CEOs succeed by filling these gaps.

We are powered by

a) Demand science, a consumer-driven approach to building propositions one of its kind in the world

b) We are laser focussed on return on capital employed

c) We are averse to any form of waste

Top Fashion and lifestyle CEO’s and entrepreneurs come from all over the world to make products consumers love and build world-class propositions. (You can read some of our hypothesis in these earlier blogs on Demand Science and Future of Fashion Forecast)

Brands of all sizes and shape come to us including the fortune 100, over 100 and counting.

We are launching an assisted program called “STYLUMIA ACCELERATE” (Stylumia AXEL) to help you amplify your digital/e-com business. 

This is our first cohort (cohort 1). When you join this Stylumia AXEL, this is what we will do.

1. We bring focus to your proposition which not only light you up and also your consumers

2. We help you sharpen your product proposition with dynamic demand sense. 

3. We get into your marketing, promotions, pricing, cataloging, etc…

Within months, you will see your propositions getting stronger, differentiated, relevant and the cash register ringing better than ever before.

We can move the needle for you no matter where you start from

a) If you are at 5 Cr, we take you to 50 Cr 

b) If you are at 50 Cr, we take you to 250 Cr

c) If you are at 250 cr, we take you to 500 cr and scale you from any other base you are in.

How To Apply for Stylumia AXEL Cohort 1?

We have a limited intake of 10 businesses in this first cohort. 

If you are a serious entrepreneur or a CEO who has a strong desire to scale your business, it is time to take action and skyrocket your digital business.

Book your meet with us for evaluation, please fill this form before we meet so that we are well prepared.

We will be closing entries by 15th July 2020.

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