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India Colour Trends Discussion | In Partnership With Pantone

| 2 min read

Colour is one of the fundamental attributes of fashion products. Getting it right is super-critical to success. In our prediction models, we have seen colour as an attribute that contributes to roughly one-third of a product’s success. Stylumia’s consumer intelligence tool provides micro and macro color trends at Geo-level. This edit is about the event we have in partnership with Pantone on “India Colour Trends”. We are joined by eminent panelists who will also share their key insights.

The event is to bring the best of minds and technology to discuss “Colours Loved By Fashion Retail Consumers In India“.

Event Date: 4th August 2021

Event Time: 11.30 AM IST

Discussion Topics

Everything is a bet or a prediction in the business of fashion. Some are accurate and pay-off handsomely, while some come back to bite the brand or retailer, usually at the end of a season, in the form of unsold inventory. Colour is an especially strategic and critical bet and is one of the longest-term bets, taken much in advance. It is linked to investment in fabrics, brand marketing, and visual merchandising. Stylumia and Pantone have partnered to reduce uncertainty in colour prediction, helping hundreds of businesses see improved sell-through and sales velocity. We invite you to watch leaders of the fashion retail industry in India and the regional colour expert of Pantone discuss how colour can make or break a fashion brand’s business.

1) Colour is a key pillar of long-term product and seasonal design strategy

2) How important is it to get the exact shade/tone spot on? Or do consumers really care?

3) What are the colours that have been shown a lot of love by consumers (and have therefore sold really well) in India last year and trends we see?

Diverse And Eminent Panelists

1) Name: Partha Sinha Designation: Design Lead Company: Amazon Fashion
2) Name: Shilpee Sharma Designation: Sr. Vice President & Head of Design Company: Reliance Retail
3) Name: Nihal Rajan Designation: VP Design Company: Myntra
4) Name: Sam Shalgaonkar Designation: Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, South East Asia Company: Pantone
5) Name: Ganesh Subramanian Designation: Founder & CEO Company: Stylumia
6) Name: Nelson Jaffery Designation: Design Head Company: Birla Cellulose/Liva (Aditya Birla Group)
7) Name: Sartaj Singh Mehta Designation: Director Product Company: Pepe Jeans London (India)

How To Join

Register for FREE to join this zoom webinar. It’s a great opportunity to meet the best of minds, interact and learn. Also, build your colour network.

While this event is India-focused our colour insights are at the Geo level for any country in the world.

Looking forward to seeing you all and share and learn from each other to make a sustainable world.

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