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Stylumia Is Ready For Australia And New Zealand Catwalk

| 4 min read

We are excited to announce that Stylumia is ready for Australia and New Zealand markets starting January 2021, through a compelling partnership.

Stylumia was founded by Ganesh Subramanian, Ex COO of Indian fashion e-commerce giant Myntra in December 2015, with a mission of reducing wastage in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Stylumia leverages machine learning to improve product assortments, optimise inventory management, and offers the most accurate consumer-driven fashion forecast in the industry.

Stylumia customers from the fashion and lifestyle industry range from the Fortune 100 list to small and medium brands and retailers. Stylumia serves them through their suite of proprietary solutions powered by machine learning-based prediction algorithms and award-winning Demand Science. This is a radical approach compared to the supply-driven or intuitive fashion prediction and fashion forecasting systems available in the market globally. Most analyses focus on what is in the market already and is therefore flawed, being more an indicator of what was supplied and not what is selling well.

Stylumia’s customers have significant revenue growth, inventory reduction and increased profitability by 30-50% in under 12 months with 10x return on investment.

Stylumia has been recognized as one of the six circular change makers by United Nations, H&M Innovations, and Intellicap for making a significant contribution to sustainability. Stylumia has thus far eliminated the wastage of over 60 million garments by reducing guesswork.

Stylumia is a part of the select few Intel AI Builders.

Stylumia has been chosen as one of the top 100 startups globally by Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020.

Other recognitions include Amazon AI Conclave- Retail: Winner 2019, Your Story Tech Sparks: Winner 2019, NASSCOM: Emerge 50 Winner 2019.  (look for Stylumia on page 67), Top 25 Artificial Intelligence companies APAC 2017 by CIO Advisor

Stylumia’s Global Aspirations

At Stylumia, we want to make a global impact in the fashion, lifestyle, sports, and home industry. Stylumia expanded to North America and the United Kingdom in 2020, headed by ex Nike’s Digital transformation leader Sanjay Mehra for North America and Gautam Kotamraju, Ex-Chief Creative Officer, Myntra and Ex-Head of Private Brands – Amazon, India.

Scaling globally across key markets is part of our plan in making an impact at scale for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Australia and New Zealand are one of the key markets for fashion and lifestyle brands and retailers. It is important to deeply understand the local market dynamics, have local leaders who serve the market locally and also grow it to its full potential. This is in alignment with our mission of making a global contribution to reducing the economic wastage and improve overall sustainability.

Stylumia Appoints EVANPOYNT As Its Exclusive Partner For Australia And New Zealand

In EVANPOYNT, we found a very good mix of people with proven market understanding, deep technology, and business development experience combined with a passion for Stylumia’s vision. Their enterprise technology experience is crucial to enable the adoption of technology solutions.

We are excited to have EVANPOYNT and their co-founders Rashad Evans and Chris Poynter partner with Stylumia to not only make Stylumia available to brands and retailers in that region but also make a significant impact on business effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

About The Co-founders Of EVANPOYNT

Rashad is a dynamic, passionate & energetic leader, client director, and sales professional with over 25 years of International Business, Sales & IT experience. He has worked with different cultures, geographies & industries leading change with disruptive and cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud, Cognitive, Blockchain & AI to solve complex business problems and co-create innovative solutions with Clients and partner ecosystem to be agile, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, grow revenue/profit & enhance the customer experience and engagement.

As the Executive Officer at EVANPOYNT, Rashad is responsible for leading and building a sustainable high-performance business delivering revenue, profit and growth objectives, with full P&L accountability, C-SAT and E-SAT, as well as lead their global Partner engagement and key Client stake-holder relationships.

Chris is a creative technology thought-leader with a passion for retail who provides differentiated technology solutions to his clients. He is an accomplished enterprise and solutions architect, experienced in consulting and pre-sales advisory roles. Being client-focused and as a trusted advisor to his clients, internal teams, and strategic partners, he takes pride and pleasure in guiding his clients to understand and select disruptive technology for improved business outcomes.

As the Technology Officer at EVANPOYNT, Chris is responsible for client pre-sales advisory and architectural fit of disruptive technologies for business value, technology and market solutions research, market research, and alliance partner selection and relationships.

Why EVANPOYNT Partnered With Stylumia

The next ‘normal’ in retail will undoubtedly be digital and will be increasingly shaped by the adoption of the best tools for complex decisions that use artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. Stylumia’s focus of “making products for consumer-driven decision making with real-world data at internet scale” leveraging digital adoption such as AI on Cloud resonated with us. We found the Stylumia Leadership team approachable, transparent, fresh in approach to the market, receptive to ideas with a great product offering, good cultural fit, and commonly shared values.

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