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Fashion Sustainability and Economics

Strategy Sustainable Fashion

Eminent panelists from Fashion for Good, Shima Seiki, Aditya Birla Fashion, Arvind along with our Founder address the key question of fashion sustainability and economics. Here is the webinar recording.

Sustainability & Economic Growth In Fashion Business

Do you agree “does fashion sustainability and economics go together?” is a key question which needs to be addressed?

Fashion is the second most carbon footprint industry in the world just next to oil. We need a holistic approach to sustainability addressing every form of waste that gets generated and there is a need to get to the causation of the wastes than addressing the symptoms.

We had a great panel of leaders from Aditya Birla group, Shima Seiki, Arvind and Fashion For Good sharing their leading insights.

The questions which are addressed are,

Whether a fashion business can build a growth engine along with sustainability?

Does sustainability always cost more?

What are the enablers of sustainability in manufacturing? What are technology enablers?

What does future look like?

Can sustainability and fast fashion and be stitched together?

Specific questions the panelists address are,

Priyanka Khanna, Fashion for Good:

1. The role of innovation in embedding sustainability in the Fashion Industry?

2. How does FFG bring the stakeholders and enablers of the fashion industry together? How does it help the industry focus on areas that are pivotal to enable a sustainable shift?

3. What are the areas of innovation which are getting relevant now, which of these as per you will define the future of the industry?

Swaminathan R, Aditya Birla Fashion:

1. What will be the response of companies Post Covid with respect to Sustainability?

2. Should organisations be more responsible to their supply chain partners?

3. Role of technology in enabling sustainable fashion

Nitin Gupta, Arvind

1. How you got connected to sustainability personally?

2. How do we design sustainably?

3. How is technology playing a big role in reducing wastage?

Nishiki, Shima Seiki

1. What is Shima Seiki’s philosophy?

2. What are the benefits of your solutions?

3. Who are your customers and how are they benefitting?

4. India is a large market with Indian and international brands. People who are watching this would like to know how to access your technology and get WG & APEX solutions?

You can also look at our earlier article on How we can learn from Bhutan on sustainability here.

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