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World’s Top Data Scientist On COVID Response


We at Stylumia had a talk with world’s top data scientist and 4x Kaggle grandmaster, Abhishek Thakur on the topic how can data scientists help companies come out of COVID with resilience”

Watch the recorded video of the talk with world’s top data scientist, Abhishek Thakur with Q&A

Stylumia Talks with World’s Top Data Scientist Abhishek Thakur | Stylumia

Abhishek is the world’s first 4x Kaggle Grandmaster and currently works as Chief Data Scientist for boost.ai in Norway. In addition, he holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Bonn. During his free time, he likes to take part in machine learning competitions. He also creates YouTube videos related to applied machine learning. Currently, he’s writing a book titled: Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem.

The key insights from the talk includes how data can be a life saver during these times. Certainly data can help allocate precious resources , for instance, emergency medical equipment. Abhishek talks about how virtual assistants can help consumers connect with banks and businesses. Being a data scientist himself he recommends other data scientists to build short term models to take care of this situation. In addition he suggests proper validation mechanisms to minimise bias.

In conclusion, Abhishek wants the data scientists to also be experimentative, open to alternate data and to stay curious.

Thank you for thinking with Stylumia.

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