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Womenswear Spring 2024 – Buyer’s Brief

| 4 min read

Market research and forecasting have long been the foundation for brands to develop their product ranges for the upcoming season. At Stylumia our one-of-a-kind proprietary Demand Sensing™ engine removes all the noise from the market to provide the pulse of the consumerThereby empowering buyers with data-driven consumer-loved trends. Our insights empower buyers to make strategic decisions, leveraging trends from a pool of winning product ideas and avoiding potential pitfalls. By incorporating data-driven analysis into the range development process, brands can gain a competitive edge in meeting consumer demands and staying ahead of the curve. In this Buyer’s Brief, we present a comprehensive overview of the upcoming trends for Womenswear in Spring 2024. The below brief highlights the key emerging themes thereby providing a holistic view of the market to guide range development.

Womenswear Spring 2024

Four Factions:

Womenswear Spring 2024 - Stories

In the diverse world of womenswear, four distinct factions emerge, each embodying unique traits and values. The “sophisticates” exude elegance and refined tastes, indulging in intellectual pursuits and savoring the arts. The “romantics” are driven by passion and sentiment, finding beauty in ordinary moments and immersing themselves in literature, music, and nature. While the “Iron Haulers” symbolize resilience and strength, tirelessly forging their destinies with unwavering determination, the “Bold Blooded” navigate life fearlessly, embracing uncertainty and leaving trails of inspiration in their wake. Embrace the allure of these factions and discover their impact on the dynamic world of women’s wear within the four stories in this report:

  • Subdued Sophistication
  • Whimsical Romance
  • Function Refined
  • Carmine Confluence
Womenswear Spring 2024 - Mock up
Womenswear Spring 2024 – Buyer’s Brief

Story 1: Subdued Sophistication

Subdued Sophistication is a fashion philosophy that shines during periods of economic uncertainty. It celebrates practicality, simplicity, and affordability, offering a more workable approach to dressing without sacrificing style. Additionally, this trend promotes a mindful wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched by prioritizing sustainability over extravagance and excess.

Central to Subdued Sophistication is a colour palette that embodies versatility and timelessness. Neutral colours like black, white, grey, beige, and navy take centre stage, allowing for effortless coordination with other pieces. Moreover, muted or earthy tones, such as olive green, add depth and variety to the overall aesthetic.

Unveiling Gen-Z’s Choice: Subdued Sophistication for the Next Generation

Fitted Dresses: Midi, Maxi & Ankle Length

Fitted dresses; a style designed to closely follow the contours of the body, creating a form-fitting silhouette falls perfectly under the first story – Subdued Sophistication. The demand for fitted dresses in midi, maxi, and ankle lengths has witnessed a substantial increase among Gen-Z consumers in the Indian market, with a remarkable 210% surge in year-on-year demand between 2022 and 2023. This trend presents a lucrative opportunity for fashion brands and retailers, as indicated by the rising hit rate (+8.8%) of these styles. Among the various options, ankle, midi, and maxi-length dresses have experienced the highest surge in demand, reflecting the evolving preferences of Gen-Z. 

H&M and Forever New Lead the way in the Quiet Luxury Trend :

Womenswear Spring 2024 - Brand Distribution for Fitted Dresses
Brand Distribution – Fitted Dresses

Zara emerges as the leading brand with the highest supply of fitted dress styles, closely followed by H&M and Forever New, both of which boast an impressive hit rate of approximately 70%. However, despite having a smaller supply of styles, Mango takes the lead with the highest hit rate of 83%. Noteworthy brands in this category also include Forever 21, Ginger by Lifestyle, and Urbanic. 

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Price Distribution and Sweet Spot for Fitted Dresses: 

The price range for fitted dresses in this fashion style typically starts at Rs. 990 and extends up to Rs. 15,000, with the sweet spot ranging from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,000. While certain styles are priced as high as Rs. 15,000, it’s worth noting that around 90% of the best-selling fitted dress styles are priced below Rs. 9,000. Moreover, 37% of these popular styles fall within the identified sweet spot for this dress type. 

Womenswear Spring 2024 - Pricing for Fitted Dresses
Price Saturation – Fitted Dresses

Surging Hit Rate: Top 5 Womenswear Spring 2024 Trends in Dresses

Trending Dresses – Spring 2024

To get your hands on the Womenswear Spring 2024 – Buyer’s Brief, contact our sales team on sales@stylumia.com or click here to schedule a demo with us.

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About Stylumia

Stylumia is a cutting-edge platform that provides fashion brands & retailers, with consumer intelligence, enabling them to make informed decisions. By offering real-time data and competitor analysis, Stylumia helps brands optimize their buying and stocking strategies, resulting in increased sales margins and improved revenue and profit. 

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies, Stylumia empowers Buyers, Merchandisers, and Designers to conduct comprehensive market and competitor analysis. Additionally, various dimensions such as assortment, price, discount, category, color, size, options, and strategy are considered.

With Stylumia, retailers can seize lucrative opportunities and drive their businesses toward greater profitability. In short, say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to greater profitability with Stylumia!

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