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Why Myntra & CultSport Love Stylumia?

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We at Stylumia exist to add transformational value to our customers.


We had a great opportunity to interact with a senior leader Gautam Kotamraju, who held leadership positions across three large retailers Myntra and Cultsport. Let us hear from him on why all these companies love Stylumia. In addition, we also published the voice of a designer recently. You can watch it here and a confession by a designer here.


Please find below the video recording of the conversation and an edited transcript. In case,  you would like such a transformation, schedule a meet with us.

Video Transcript

An edited transcript of the video below.

GS: Why all of the companies you have been in the last few years love Stylumia?

GK: It is because of what Stylumia delivered and helped us achieve. There were three different need states and three different organizations that I worked with. One was fast fashion, one was a great value-driven proposition and next was a brand, building the next big athletic sports proposition from India. Stylumia helped us improve

a) Sell through – two and half times jump for the first retailer

b) In the second retailer, it was evergreen and deep bets. The bets had to be validated basis long term buyer-driven trends

c) Our need to look different yet appeal to a consumer bombarded with a lot of signals around her and able to get it the right first time

Our inventory turn doubled, research time (mind to market) halved. Speed to market increased. Also, it got validated.

GS: There is no technology that benefits on its own. It is also in its application. It is nice to know the benefits. The second question is what would you tell someone who is considering Stylumia?

GK: To me, if you step back for a bit, you do research, research in the form of consumers, market research, competitive analysis, if all this can be validated by real-time analysis with actionable insights (insights on which you can take action on), you enable your next step which is bets. The bets could be on fabric, fits, color, etc, and also size ratios. While talking bets, we took went and shared what we are doing with Stylumia to vendors, and it helped them also in improving cash flow. Next is sell-through, nobody wants a long tail and make stuff that is relevant to the consumer.

GS: Stylumia enabling factories to improve their cash flow was not intended but it is great to know it has helped the supply chain partners too apart from helping the brand and retailer. The next question is you must have evaluated various solutions in the market before choosing us, what went through your process of selection and why did you choose Stylumia?

GK: I have built my career on the back of the design. I am also prone to using fluffy beautifully done forecasts. While they are useful, they need to be validated. While we evaluated 3-4 companies, to be able to stitch supply and demand together is what made us choose Stylumia. Stylumia gave us crisp actionable insights. While others tell you what is happening in the world, Stylumia allowed us to know what could we do.

GS: Great Gautam, it is all about minimizing the noise and increase the signal. It is important to allow creative people to do what they are really good at. We learned a lot from you and all others and continue to do so. Thank you very much for all the inputs which would help people watching this video. Any closing words on how do you use data but do not lose the creative touch?

GK: Designers need to believe in data. Use your brand language to add the creative touch and even that can be validated.

GS: Well said. It is always the consumer at the center in everything we do. That is what were saying. Let us all make designs and products that win the consumers’ hearts always.

Would you like such a transformation, schedule a meet with us (to understand the thesis behind it, case studies, and fitment to your business) here.

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