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Validating the Hottest A/W 2023 Runway Trends

| 4 min read

Another runway season – A/W 2023 drew to a close, and designer collections featured a plethora of new trends and styles. This has set in motion among Brands and Retailers the meticulous process of discerning winning runway trends from possible failures and therefore ensuring that they include the appropriate trend in their range that resonate with their consumer.

This edit showcases proven & top trends across apparel and accessories that have been performing well over 2021 and 2022 and have also been spotted on the runway in designers’ A/W 2023 collections. In the months to come, these trends are expected to gain momentum and reach their peak towards the end of 2023.

Trends that are set to win A/W 2023:

Practical Crossbody Bags in Leather

A wide assortment of bags ranging from oversized totes to denim and fringed versions were showcased this season across runway collections. Leather crossbody bags stood out as a repeatedly featured accessory, combining practicality with style in one chic package.

The repeated appearance of leather crossbody bags on the runway emphasized the practicality and purpose of accessorising an outfit with a stylish bag.

In the US Market, crossbody bags have witnessed a growth in demand of about 30.8% in the fourth quarter over the past two years. This surge suggests that the market for crossbody bags is expanding rapidly, as more people appreciate their convenience and versatility. Their presence in the A/W 2023 runway trends list reinforces the demand for this trend; making it a secure investment for most retailers.

Red: A Winter Valentine

A/W 2023 runway shows heavily showcased tones of red, unanimously heralding it as the colour of the season. Incorporating various shades of red in their collections, ranging from bold scarlet and rich crimson to deeper burgundy and wine hues designers employed the colour in head-to-toe looks, accents on accessories, and statement pieces. Whether it’s in luxurious velvet or sleek leather, shades of red brought out aristocratic excess in evening gowns, tailored suits, knitwear, and streetwear, appealing to those expressing character, independence, strength, and determination.

Brands and retailers underbet on this color, reducing supply by 30% v/s 2021. However, with a 21.5% surge in demand for red across categories during the fourth quarter of 2021 and 2022, the consumer demand for this colour remains strong. With the runway showcasing red’s popularity, demand is likely to surge further in 2023, peaking towards the fourth quarter of 2023.

Ballet Flats: Flat Out Fabulous

Ballet flats gained significant momentum as a trend on the Spring 2023 runway. While Premium luxury brands used ballets as part of their A/W 2023 collections, not all top luxury labels have yet showcased these classics.

Despite limited inclusion by top luxury brands, ballet flats continue to be a popular choice among consumers. Demand for ballet flats surged by 190% during the fourth quarter of 2022. Brands and retailers seem to have picked up on the popularity of this timeless style, increasing supply by over 160% in Winter 2022.

The Must-Have Maxi Skirts on A/W 2023 Runway

Historically, women’s skirt hemlines rise during economic growth and fall during recessions, a phenomenon known as the “hemline index.” It suggests that women’s fashion is influenced by economic conditions. When the economy is booming, hemlines tend to rise as women have more disposable income to spend on trendy-fashionable clothing. Conversely, during recessions, hemlines fall as people choose more practical and modest clothing options.

This is where maxi skirts come into the picture. Combined with muted hues and practical silhouettes, this trend is a page taken from the book of ‘recession core fashion’. A/W 2023 runway trends embraced maxi skirts, and the consumer willingness to adopt this trend has consistently grown over 2021 and 2022. While supply grew by 26% in the fourth quarter of 2022 the demand grew by 42%.

Although designers have showcased maxi skirts extensively in their AW 2023 collections, the real driving force behind this trend is the increasing willingness of consumers to adopt this style

Stay Ahead of the Game: Trends to Ditch

As consumer preferences shift, some A/W 2023 runway trends are losing their appeal while others are gaining traction. Floral & denim dresses, with a decline in demand by 40% and 34% respectively are among some of the trends on the decline. Brands & Retailers seemed to have anticipated the decline of denim stress with a reduction of the supply of denim dresses.

It is a must to take proactive steps to optimise inventory by reducing the supply of trends on the decline and investing in styles that demonstrate steady growth and potential for success. Want to know how you can adapt to changing consumer preferences? Stay competitive and maintain your relevance in the market by reaching out to us.

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