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Ultimate Playbook for Maximizing ROI In Tech Deployment

| 2 min read


In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, success hinges significantly on the strategic intent and implementation of technology solutions. Our Playbook for Maximizing ROI in Tech deployments begins with a united front between business and technology teams, ensuring strategic alignment from the start.

Key Elements for Success

Strategic Alignment and Kickoff

The journey to high ROI starts here. A strategic approach is essential, reflecting in the choice of the right technology provider—an integral part of our Playbook for Maximizing ROI in Tech. Key stakeholders across technology, product, and business teams must come together from the initial stages.

The project should kick off with a robust meeting involving the leadership team and power users. This step is pivotal, as per our Playbook for Maximizing ROI in Tech, because what starts well, often finishes well. The presence of senior leadership and business heads is non-negotiable—it sets a strong precedent and broadcasts the project’s strategic importance.

Operational and Review Rhythms

Establishing an effective operational rhythm is crucial, involving all team members in regular updates. Meetings should adhere to a consistent structure, aligning with the Playbook for Maximizing ROI in Tech to facilitate clear communication and ensure alignment across the board. Leadership reviews, depending on the project’s scope and impact, should be scheduled to maintain oversight.

Our recommended schedules are weekly for operational reviews and quarterly for leadership reviews (change it based on the size and scope of the project). The reviews are structured with clear agenda to review progress and remove any bottlenecks to progress. The leadership reviews should assess overall roadmap vs actuals, celebrate wins, intervene for key unresolved bottlenecks and align priorities.

Incorporating OKRs

Linking the OKRs of key project stakeholders with the project’s success metrics is vital. This alignment propels the project forward, tying its success to individual performance and thus enhancing motivation and accountability.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Neglecting the Kickoff

Delegating the kickoff meeting to just users without senior leadership can severely undermine a project from its inception—a clear deviation from our Playplay for Maximizing ROI in Tech. Ensuring the presence of senior leaders and business heads is critical.

Inconsistent Review Processes

Lack of a standardized review process can derail projects. Our playbook emphasizes the importance of maintaining a review rhythm that includes discussing inputs, outputs, and expected outcomes, ensuring that all aspects of the project are regularly assessed.

Ignoring Evolving Business Needs

As business conditions change, the ability to adapt is crucial. Regular reviews should include discussions on change requests and new requirements, pivotal for setting the future roadmap.

Leveraging Meetings for Strategic Advantage

While digital meetings offer convenience, in-person quarterly meetings are essential for effective communication and relationship building. The agenda should be clear, aligning with our playbook’s guidelines, and presentations should be sent in advance to enhance meeting productivity.


Adhering to these best practices and avoiding common pitfalls, as outlined in our Playbook for Maximizing ROI in Tech, can dramatically enhance the ROI of technology deployments. Strategic planning, effective communication, and regular reviews ensure every phase of the project aligns with overarching business goals.

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