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Stylumia Wins Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021 For AI Innovation In Retail

| 3 min read

We are excited to share that your Stylumia won the Aegis Graham Bell Award for AI Innovation In Retail for the year 2021. These are water stations in our long marathon.

First, a Big Thank You to all team members of Stylumia, who are working relentlessly towards our mission of eliminating guesswork and thus wastage from the fashion and lifestyle industry. None of this possible without your full support and commitment.

This award is an initiative of Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication to promote and recognize innovators and their innovations, supported by Ministry of Electronics & Information TechnologyNITI Aayog (a policy think tank of Govt. of India), skill India Online (campaign launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, the campaign is under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) National Informatics Centre, Govt of India Centre Services Inc.; Govt. Enterprise, State Govt. Ecosystem Partner Maharashtra State Innovation Society (Established under Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Government of Maharashtra (GoM), Chamber partner FICCI powered by mUniCampus.

The evaluation process involved multiple rounds, including a Jury round. The Jury comprised of World-class academicians, AI Practitioners, Industrialists, and Government Officials. The quality of the questions was really bar-raising for us. Some of them made us thinking and made us realize the amount of responsibility that we have.

We came as finalists with Goliaths of Technology. We have huge respect for the startups and conglomerates that participated in the process and would like to thank and also congratulate them.

We were thrilled to see Stylumia in this great company of finalists.

Stylumia finalist in Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021 for AI innovation in retail
Stylumia Finalist In Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021

When we were communicated that we won the award for AI Innovation In Retail, our joy was limitless. This only reinforces our belief and commitment to eliminating wastage in retail by removing guesswork. This award is yet another reinforcement after we came in top 100 in Entrepreneurship World-cup 2020 out of over 170000 participants, soon after winning India finals.

Video Courtesy: Aegis Graham Bell Awards
AI Innovation In Retail Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021 Stylumia

What gave us the most satisfaction is the support and encouragement from all our clients, partners, advisors, and well-wishers. The cherry on the cake was when our eco-system partner Lowe’s Innovation Labs celebrated our success in social media.

Lowe's Innovation Lab celebrates Stylumia's win in Aegis Graham Bell Award For AI Innovation in Retail for 2021
Lowe’s Innovation Lab Post In Social Media On Our Recognition

We at Stylumia would like to thank each one of you for the terrific support right from our inception. Here is a thank you video from two of our founding members on this occasion. We need your ongoing cheer in this long and fulfilling journey ahead.

Thank You From Team Stylumia | Aegis Graham Bell Award 2021 – AI Innovation In Retail

It is always Day 1 for us, our focus will continue to be on enabling and raising the bar each time in doing so for brands and retailers globally.

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