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Stylumia, A Member Of Intel® AI Builders Program

We are excited to inform Intel® chooses Stylumia to be a member of Intel® AI Builders Program.

This engagement enables Stylumia in many ways, enabling access to the latest technology, co-marketing, and match-making.

intel ai builders program benefits
How AI Builders Program Help

Here is a video introduction to the program. The program helps Stylumia to get access to cutting-edge technology from Intel® system. Apart from this, we get mentoring from experts to scale and improve the effectiveness of the performance of our AI algorithms. This is extremely important and relevant for the global scale we are working towards.

We believe in partnership in enabling brands and retailers globally to reduce wastage from retail. We are partners with Fortune 100 companies, World’s leading consultants, Technology Consulting Companies, Eco-system partners, Business Development Partners, Sustainability Institutions, Color Forecasters, etc.

Being a member of Intel® AI Builders Program, will help us scale and innovate AI solutions with cutting-edge technology to deepen our contribution to brands and retailers globally.

Those who are keen to partner with us in any of the above areas, please reach out to us at hello.partner@stylumia.com

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