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What You Need to Know About SS2018 Fashion Weeks From Social Media

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We’re living in the age of the fan when success is less often determined by “which” people like your work than by “how many.”

This Fashion Week during September & October 2017, social media platform’s fashion community, which boasts 143 million people generated up to 709 million likes, comments, stories and posts.

This is nearly triple the amount of engagement from last season.

Further to our previous blog, this one highlights the social popularity of fashion weeks – comparing stats and deriving insights on its influence across regions globally.


Picking up search trends from where we left them last…

September & October 2017 consumer trends graph is peaking highest for #1 Paris Fashion week when compared to all the others on the Global & India specific index.

Following this Globally was #2 New York Fashion Week & the very close #3 London Fashion Week. For India, Milan Fashion week takes the 2nd spot with 66% rise compared to same time LY, whereas, globally MFW has sustained its place at the same spot.

Interestingly, India’s spotlight on PFW & MFW is synonymous with Vogue Runway confirming its Top Viewed Fashion Shows from all the weeks.Based on their analytics (incl. page clicks, social and engaged posts), the breakup of the Top 10 was a follows:

#1: PARIS FASHION WEEK Designers – 6

#2: MILAN FASHION WEEK Designers – 3

Saint Laurent, paying tribute to YSL was the most trending show, followed by Gucci, Versace, Dior and D&G among the Top 5.

This season’s shows were also known for their racial diversity. Fashion’s influence on the masses, and in return their influence on fashion itself was clearly visible this season.

New York Fashion Week, in recent history, was the most racially diverse this Spring 2018. This is the first time that nonwhite models have accounted for as large as 36.9%. Not only did racial diversity on the runways reach an all-time high, but there was also an improvement in plus-size, transgender, non-binary and over-50 representations.


Instagram analytic insights show how public engaged with the different Fashion shows, designer collections and media news around it.

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At Stylumia’s Insights Editor, we are constantly looking for a shift in patterns of consumer trends with regards to fashion & lifestyle. Real-time insights from Runway and social keep us up-to-date with fashion news and seasonal design validations.

Stay tuned in for more such updates from the Fashion Week diaries during the weeks to come.

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Blog by: Pooja Saraf


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