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Rising Playsuit, Jumpsuits And Romper Trends For SS17

| 5 min read

We have already seen sustained popularity of rising jumpsuit, the playsuit and romper trends over the past few seasons internationally – and data shows that there is search intent for these products even for the upcoming spring-summer season. Jumpsuits and its high street replicas have become a regular at fashion weeks – but now it seems that there is a trickle-down effect of this silhouette even to everyday consumers.

It seems a logical progression; the playsuit not only helps keep you keep cool in the humid weather, but it also adds a relaxed aspect, providing you with a sense of ease and creating an interesting visual effect within any ensemble you choose to integrate it into.

Full-outfit apparel items are riding the storm in the consumer’s wardrobes. The Romper is the highest trending search item in this category. While consumers are looking for a fully coordinated piece of clothing rather than having to match it with separates, the romper serves as the knight in shining armour.

Consumers in the UK and US have witnessed a 40% rise in search volumes for the Playsuit / Romper trend.

The Playsuit / Romper trends are going through a transition in terms of fabrics, colours, occasions, styles and silhouettes. People these days are making this item a bare necessity for casual occasions and relaxed day wear. Even the materials being searched for are embroidered, embellished, sequins and florals.

Highlights from the Red carpet:

Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson have been spotted on multiple occasions wearing their new wardrobe favourite-the Romper. The top 3 re-pins that Taylor Swift garnered for sporting this trend accounted for a whopping 36k re-pins, averaging 12k per pin!

Kate Hudson was noticed in a lace and chambray Romper on two separate occasions while Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce were spotted in an embroidered and chambray Romper respectively.

In India, the celebrity who’s made the Romper her staple is none other than the vivacious Alia Bhatt. She was first caught on camera wearing her new closet essential back in 2015 with designer-wear Rompers from Kanika Goyal, Karen Millen and Lavish Alice.

Priyanka Chopra’s InStyle magazine shoot in a Romper got her all of the 288k likes on Instagram.

Even popular Indian bloggers like Rhea Gupte and Akanksha Redhu are going gaga over this trend.

Stylumia ranking:

Based on the Stylumia ranking, here are the top-ranked Romper trends. Zara is leading the way with its prints, lace, sequins, poplin, stripe and frilled Rompers.


Search Insights for India:

Google search trends reveal that in the 24-month period between November 2014 and November 2016, there has been a heightened interest in the consumer’s mind about Rompers in India. There has been a 45% rise in the search index of Rompers in India with consumers in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana searching for the trend the most.


Compare this to worldwide trends and search insights revealed that Rompers/ Playsuits reached its peak in the months of May to July 2016. British consumers led the way for this trend back in 2013 and the Americans followed suit. In the US, the Romper trend has seen a steady seasonal rise since 2014.

Keywords in question

A comparative analysis of related keywords shows that the keyword “Romper” is ranked highest in terms of search volume especially in the United States whereas the keyword “Playsuit” is the top-ranked search item by volume in the United Kingdom. The third most searched keyword in this category is the “Two-piece dress”.

Color, Pattern and Fabric play:

Now let’s take a cursory glimpse at the colors, patterns and fabrics that are trending in the market for Rompers.

Key colour tendencies observed in the US drifted to olive and green. In the UK, it’s the greys and the nude’s that are top-growing.

And what about the top patterns for Rompers? Data shows that embroidered rompers are the fastest growing in the US while Gingham and Pinstripes are big in the UK. Embellished and striped rompers are also faring really well in both these markets.

Top fabrics in demand in the US and UK have been velvets, sequins, silks and satins.

Retail in-stock:

International Retailers like Asos are heavily stocking up on this trend with their brands like Misguided, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Mango, River Island etc. Designers like Moschino and Ted Baker have also bought into this trend.

Indian Retailers too are sizing up to the Playsuit trend; Myntra has a sizeable collection through its brands like Forever 21, Fab Alley and only amongst a few.


Looking back at the history of the Romper trend, it is known that they first came into being as children’s clothing. Later in the ’20s, young women and kids made this their go-to play outfit for all things fun and fancy. You could dress it up or down as you wish. In the ’70s, it was the Romper’s leggy cousin, the Jumpsuit that took centre-stage and became known in fashion circles as the key item to the sport.

These days, the Romper is back and every major retailer, brand and celebrity are seen endorsing the trend in varied hues, patterns, silhouettes and fabrics. It is possible you have one in your closet right now! It is versatile and can be worn as easily to a dinner date as to a beach party.

While it does take a tiny bit of courage to wear this trend, be sure it will give out a unique individuality.

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