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Racing away this season is the Moto Biker Jean for Men


The moto biker jean for men has long been considered a key player in every bike riders casual arsenal. And given the effortless cool that the biker jean lends to an outfit, it’s not hard to validate.But rather than going down the traditional biker route, cut a contemporary path and wear yours over a casual shirt, some distressed/ripped biker jeans and a pair of heavy, no-nonsense boots.

French designer Pierre Balmain has been credited with popularising the “biker jean” trend back in the days when the style was in effect inspired by the motorcycling sport itself. The gussets and patches at the knee were meant to secure the rider on his motor bike. It was also meant to hide  knee pads.

Social Media Trend

The next validation of this trend for fashionable jeans of men comes from social media.Pinterest shows the way for the top 3 pins scored a whopping 35.6k re-pins which averages to around 12k re-pins per image, now isn’t that something worth noticing !

Instagram lovers also gave a huge thumbs up to the biker jeans, with the top likes accounting for a cumulative total of 30k altogether.

Celebrity Sightings

As for celebrities, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, John Legend and Kayne West have been seen donning the latest fashion update of biker jeans in varied versions. In 2015, David Beckham even sported the hat of a lead actor in the short film “Outlaws” by Belstaff, wearing his biker jean. His association with Belstaff biker jeans goes a long way. In 2014, he was seen adorning this favourite look at his book signing event.

Instagram’er Ranbir Kapoor has almost made the biker jean his favourite uniform, albeit in different styles and color. He recently sported the biker jean trend on two occasions, both of which garnered him interest spanning up to thousands and comments all up to 200’s. And the colours he sported were hues of grey and blue.

Consumer Loving Biker Jeans

According to Stylumia ranking using AI for fashion & real time visual analytics, here’s a look at the Top 10 trends for Biker Jeans

Stylumia’s lens has caught the above as top ranked biker jean for the seasons Summer 2016 and Autumn 2016. Brands covered are Zara, Asos,Wrangler,Roadster & Jack & Jones only.. to name a few based on the above images, drawing comparisons between Indian and International street-style biker jean trends.

Global Search Trend

If google trends are anything to go by, then the biker jean is here to remain. There is a sky-rocketing demand for the trend in the US. The biker jean trend has witnessed a 5X growth in consumer interest in America.


And how about consumer search? Turns out, the biker jean trend is high on the interest of consumer search worldwide. In the 6 months period between May to October 2015, there has been an 80% spike in the search rates for this trend following which it has sustained a 50% growth in the timeframe between October 2015 and October 2016. This is good measure on which category of jeans brands and retailers should buy in to.

Retailers like asos and nordstorm based on fashion intelligence are already seen favouring the biker jean through their brands G-Star Raw, Diesel, Dsquared2, True Religion, River Island and Pull & Bear. Even designers like Versace and Just Cavalli are seen endorsing it.

India Search Trend

In India too, there has been a 3.5X growth in consumer search between the 12 months period of October 2015-2016.

Indian retailers  have bought in to this trend through their brands G-Star, Jack & Jones and Wrangler.

refer trend graph below.

Biker Jeans,  have been constantly searched since last two years and is at its peak this winter 2016, which is a clear validation of consumer intent

In Summary

Biker Jeans are for motorcycle lovers & for fellow enthusiasts and if anyone else who appreciates well-made, denim motorcycle jeans that reduces uncomfortable bunching around your thighs and seat. Whether you’re on your bike, in your car or on the couch, you’ll appreciate the freedom from the pull-and-tug adjustments every time you stand up.

The biker jean fashion trend insight is a definite promise in its category and also seen are similar trends like ripped jeans,camo & bomber jackets that have been accepted as mainstream fashion in the US & UK markets,so brands and retailers looking to occupy a share in the consumers fashion leadership barometer must take notice.

“It’s not a question of this being right, it’s just a question of when it’s right” – Jony Ive (Apple’s Chief Design Officer)


Blog by: Natasha Lorraine & Sankarshan Majhi

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