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Stylumia brings the latest blogs on Color AI, Retail AI, Fashion AI & Ecommerce AI with the help of data-driven insights

Launching Stylumia AXEL: 2-10X Your Digital Business

| 2 min read Are you a serious entrepreneur or a CEO and wanting to scale your digital business by 2-10x, then Stylumia AXEL is for you. Watch the full launch video by our Founder & CEO Ganesh Subramanian below. Transcript of the Video & How To Apply? The detailed video transcript and the application details are below. Video […]

on June 29, 2020

The Future Of Denim Post COVID-19

| < 1 min read This webinar conducted on the 19th June 2020 on Future of Denim covers expert and data-driven views on a) Consumer Trendsb) Immediate implications andc) Expectations for the future Sartaj heads the Design at Pepe Jeans India and has over 20 years of experience leading design and product across leading international brands like Benetton. He has […]

on June 22, 2020

How To Quadruple Your Brand’s Sales & Cash Flow Using Demand Science

| < 1 min read Without Demand Science®, supply-driven forecasts of today are making you work very hard with less reward. We are trying to crank a demand engine with the wrong signal. Are you tired of using all the fashion forecast information available these days and still find your full-price sell-through not moving much or incrementally? There is nothing […]

on June 15, 2020

The Science Of Color Analysis

| 4 min read In 1665, the Bubonic plague raged through Europe, forcing people to their homes and practise “Social distancing”. Sounds familiar?  However, One young person, in his early twenties who was quarantined in Trinity, turned this period into a “year of wonders”. The young man referred to is none other than Sir Issac Newton. One of the […]

on June 7, 2020

The Future Of Fashion Design Post COVID-19

| 2 min read The future of fashion design post COVID19 needs a deep dive at this juncture. In this webinar, three product and design leaders from Bestseller India shared their expert views on the future of fashion design post covid19. We had a deep dive into the future of fashion forecasting and cash flow in our previous edit. […]

on June 1, 2020

Building A Socially Responsible Brand

| 5 min read In this edit, we look at the need for social responsibility and how to build a socially responsible brand. Before we begin, rest your mind and close your eyes for 30 seconds.Most probably your mind darted from one thought to another. Instead of being at rest, it was as highly active as ever. If you […]

on May 24, 2020

The Future Of Fashion Forecast And Cash Flow

| 5 min read For instance, in 2018 the world produced 150 billion garments, and more than 50% of them are not wanted by consumers (another reference here). This is in spite of all the current methods of fashion forecasting. Hence, there is a huge impact of blocked capital in the industry and also a huge load of sustainability. […]

on May 18, 2020

Is Empathy Part Of Your COVID-19 Response Plan?

| 5 min read – Henry Ford When you hear the word empathy, What are the thoughts in your mind? 1) Well, I am not a people’s person 2) I am a deeply compassionate person 3) Please don’t waste my time 4) Empathy is our strategic lever in core business decision making Many of you would have taken a […]

on May 10, 2020

How To Boost Ecommerce Sales?

| 4 min read These are the times to amplify ecommerce and digital transformation in retail. This edit talks about six ways to amplify ecommerce sales.

on May 9, 2020

Michael B Reidbord From New York On COVID Response

| < 1 min read We at Stylumia have had a talk with Michael B Reidbord, President & Founder, FTC, the USA on the topic “how can brands and retailers come out of COVID with resilience” Watch the video of Michael B. Reidbord’s talk on COVID Response here Michael B Reidbord is a technology, supply chain management, and retail executive experienced in building companies in the U.S., Asia, […]

on May 7, 2020

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