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Michael B Reidbord From New York On COVID Response

| < 1 min read

We at Stylumia have had a talk with Michael B Reidbord, President & Founder, FTC, the USA on the topic how can brands and retailers come out of COVID with resilience”

Watch the video of Michael B. Reidbord’s talk on COVID Response here

Michael B Reidbord is a technology, supply chain management, and retail executive experienced in building companies in the U.S., Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Moreover, he is involved in numerous start-up successes within the technology and consumer products sectors.

Most importantly, he has founded the technical apparel producer Brilliant Asia Corporation and was also President & CEO of Blue Dasher Technologies.

In addition, he has also held senior positions in the U.S. and Europe with companies including Palm Beach and Bayer. Moreover, Michael oversaw global manufacturing and operations as Managing Director of Lion/GSCM in Germany. It is a leading supplier of technical products to police, fire, and emergency response personnel.

Before founding the Fashion Tech Consortium, Michael was Chief Operating Officer of Kloog, Inc. He was an IoT and Smart Cloud and Wearables enabling platform based in Silicon Valley that was acquired by Facebook.  Michael is a professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology and received his BA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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