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Key Trends 2020: A New Decade Of Possibilities

2020 Trends Fashion Fashion Forecasting Fashion Intelligence Fashion Trend Retail Trends
  2020 ALREADY?

# 1 Protests are the new brunches

# 2 Access Over Ownership – Sharing Economy

# 3 Look East for Innovation

# 4 Static to Paid Streaming Content

# 5 We need to educate our consumers on Sustainability

You would like to kick off next decade on the right path and rather not let 2020 bite you from behind


Trend #1 Wellbeing: Wellness market growing twice that of global economy, going from fringe to mainstream

Trend #2 Transparency: A transparency revolution with the declining trust in institutions, Fromm black box to glass box

Trend #3 Eco & Ethics: Eco consumption is moving from status to shame

Trend #4 Technology: Automation, Efficiency and Experience, a new frontier for every brand

Trend #5 Changing Lives: Beyond Demographics, Gender, People construct their identities as a reflection of their true selves

New trends emerge, as change unlocks new ways to serve existing human needs.
Blog by Ganesh Subramanian

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