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How long the Jogg will last?


If you would remember, as kids many used to cinch their pants with rubber bands so that they did not step on their jeans. Probably that marked the beginning of this new silhouette which is widely talked about.

This edit looks at what consumers are loving internationally, in social, in India and our view on way forward as many of you are placing bets for the forthcoming periods. Casual Solid Joggers are trending internationally and is a must have with cross pocket.And if their popularity on Pinterest is anything to go by ( popularity between 26k to 20k pins for jogger pants), then the jog pants will rule the “cool casuals” space in high street fashion in the coming seasons.
In addition, you can now find Jogger Pant in numerous designs and fabrics like terry cloth, khaki, denim and more.
Casual Joggers with all over print like ” Champion”  is selling out pretty fast including its colour ways and Jog pants with utility based or fashion fads like knee ripped ones are some of the top ranking styles as per Stylumia.

Unlike sweatpants, their primary utility is not in exercising. They are well designed and carry a graceful touch; a lounge worthy article of clothing that you can leave the house with without fear being judged.

Indigo Joggers are a hybrid fabric, mixing jersey and denim together. The unique flexible material of Jogger means you can literally do anything in them! This includes, yoga, all types of dance, running and more, they are that stretchy. Joggers puts the durability of denim into motion. A cutting edge crossbreed between jeans and activewear, crafted in a unique fabric that weaves together the style of denim with the versatility of jersey, it’s the original hybrid jean. You now have the freedom to move like never before.

Washes have been a cool update for Joggers from a nice mid to light blue which goes well with most outfits.It’s faded in the authentic looking areas like the thighs, calves and around the back pockets, but darker in areas which wouldn’t get so much natural wear n tear. It’s definitely more of a casual wash that looks better with t-shirts than it does dressed up. And now, a cursory glimpse at the popularity of the trend in Indian context on both social media and other retailers,athleisure wear amplified by various trend setting brands and the most influential fashionistas. Joggers that are ruling the roost are clearly the knitted active wear with terry/CNP (Cotton/Nylon/Polyester blends) as the base fabric has an edge over the casual joggers.

However, we see a very thin selection of cool casual jogger pants in Indian brands and retailers,despite it being not the easiest to pull off, very few brands in India are actually leveraging the adulation that the trend is getting in the digital ecosystem. We observed very few emerging brands make up the handful of options focusing on the trend.

Search trends in India going strong with 70% year on year growth. Aug-Dec period has seen a 50% jump over first half. Sam trend will continue this year too. Jogger shows a tench of search to jeans which means it can be good indication of bet you could place on this category. It is a lot considering jeans has been there for decades.

People for long time have been searching for something that is like fit pants and can show off their sneakers. People would often fold off the pants to get the rise. Pants specially designed for joggers have provided people exactly what they needed and thus it is getting so much popular now. Jogger Pants  have changed the mindset and prospects of the bottom wear in the market. With the evolution of these Pants, people are no longer required to cuff the bottom pant or roll it upwards to show off their stylish sneakers.

Washed camouflage or the winter staple of faux leather Joggers can be paired well with a classic winter jacket mostly of CNP (Cotton, Nylon or Polyester blends). Moto Camo is a biker look with the biker jacket on tow it can be a very cool update to the avid bikers as these lend their cool comfort for long distance cruise rides. Smart joggers are your everyday pants which can be a savvy weekend warrior style option or a fashion forward look for both men and women. They look just as awesome paired with brogues and a blazer as they do with slip on sneakers and a plain tee.

A close observation of what has worked in the past and some abstract insights on them, silhouettes in general last long. For eg slim fit has now been there over a decade with rapid growth over last five years. It is the surface treatments of fashion that are transient like the print type, wash type etc. 

We consider Jogger is a silhouette and when comparing the term with silhouette key words like slim fit jeans, slim fit  pants, it is right on top of the intent by a significant margin.

It is time for the innovators and early adopters to make the most out of this period and set your mark in what consumers are looking into and occupy their wardrobe share.

A candidate to take its place in your communications / campaigns! and its forms will go through experimentation and in our view it is

a candidate for an ultra marathon and not sprint!

By: Sankarshan Majhi / Ganesh S

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