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Future is a Low Density NOT High Density (HD) Fashion

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Before we begin this week’s edit, we are excited to share that we announced earlier this week about two leadership additions to Stylumia family, Priya Sachdeva and Vonita Samtani, who bring with them together over 40 years of strategic business development across these markets. They take on the roles of Director – Business Development (South Asia & APAC) and APAC respectively. The detailed news article here. Please join me in congratulating both and wishing them a wonderful time ahead.

Moving onto this week’s edit.

In this world of transparency, consumers more and more connected with “Purpose Driven Brands” which resonate deeply to them. This edit is about a purpose-driven fashion brand from Sweden and what one can learn from it.

I just returned from Vietnam wherein I got to meet Kristofer Tonstrom (Group CEO at Filippa K) who was a fellow speaker along with me in a Global Leadership Summit. We discussed various topics from strategic sourcing implications in a world of Tariff barriers, the role of technology in a sustainable world of fashion etc.

What caught my attention was their purpose and the way the brand is being built. There are lots of takeaways for anyone in the fashion business.

We foresee the high density, high use and throw wardrobes of consumers are going to go towards a low density, long-life ones.

It is a matter of time, consumers respond like,


In this context, this Swedish brand FILIPPA K‘s principles make a lot of sense. It is more important these days when consumers have the power to Unselect you.
How does FILIPPA K live the Brand Purpose?

Filippa K is governed by some key principles,

#1 Driven by big “Why”, Mindful consumption

#2 Minimalism as Lifestyle

#3 Interpreting Fashion, Aesthetically Balanced & Longevity

#4 Understated Elegance (Style + Simplicity + Quality)

#5 Walk The Talk, Be transparent and tell your story

#6 Stay Relevant

#7 Data-driven creativity + Design Integrity 

#8 Resource efficiency

The brand has over 70% of styles sustainable now. It does not mean that the brand compromises style element for sustainability.  It focusses on a balance of,


Can you guess how many times a fashion product is used in its lifecycle in Europe, US and Fast Fashion?The numbers look like this…

Filippa’s consumers on an average use the garments 75 times. This is 10 times more than Europe’s usage. In fact, they are looking at calculating cost per wear as a measure of value.

Filippa K is doing counter-intuitive actions by promoting reused garments. They did a campaign for their followers in social media to post pictures of their most used, old garments. This Christmas, they have collected old garments from their consumers and selling with a special tag like “You are the proud third owner of this garment”.Here is the brand philosophy by the founder Filippa Knutsson

Filippa K Founder Stylumia WTS
If you too are inspired by this brand, you can get the brand book here or click the image below.
Filippa K Brandbook Stylumia WTS

We see this as a starting point of disruption coming up in fashion from a combination of purpose, sustainability, consumer understanding.

We see this as,

Low-Density Wardrobe —> Low-Density Retail —> Low-Density Assortment —> Low-Density Thinking (Purpose Driven)

We need to be asking questions challenging our current assumptions in the industry for us to come with solutions for this new paradigm.This development will be faster than we think it will be.

Doing less to accomplish more needs a lot more sophistication.

We found a good match in terms of our approach in Stylumia, using cutting edge technology to enable fashion brands and retailers make informed decisions from design to distribution to eliminate/minimise wastage, enabling a high-filter low-density approach to fashion retail. Here is an overview of our solutions to prepare your brand for Less is More.

If you are interested in any of our solutions, please reach out to us to make your brand future-proof and before it is too late.
Blog by Ganesh Subramanian

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