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Do We Endorse The Denim Shirt For SS2018?


Here today, gone tomorrow? That’s not really the thing with Denim shirts for Men.

Sometimes, the thing that becomes a trend, is something as simple as a classic item that experiences a rebirth. That’s the case with the denim shirt, as seen during these past seasons of Spring Summer.

This year we have seen that there’s a denim shirt for all occasions. However, beyond being so versatile, it helps bridge that seasonal gap as well – likes of these you’ll witness in India search trends and through Stylumia retail insights.

Let’s move on and deep dive into data to show us the forward journey of this fashion item, that is becoming a fashion staple on fashion streets and catwalks season after season.

From the Shows

Denim shirts are becoming cleaner and crisper in look and feel on Spring Summer 2018 runways.

This season’s runway collections carry a blend of dark, raw, light, sheen, washed, true blue and overdyed denim variations. Distress is seen less in the forecast from designers all over. An interesting observation is detailing through contrast topstitch, clean washes and fluid lightweight denim.

Street Style casuals

The Denim shirt is having a moment among Fashion influencers globally. Style icons like Adam Gallagher, Black Scott, Nicolas Simoes are wearing the blue denim shirt trend to fashion weeks and beyond. Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan was seen wearing a clean look Mid-blue denim shirt in the season’s trending short sleeve.

SS2018 fashion week street style also resonated with the true blue – mid blue versions with innovation in styling. Patchwork, yoke detailing, asymmetric and construction play in plackets were some detailing seen. Distress was overall less seen in Menswear shirts in Denim fabrications.

Consumer Search trends

As per Google search trends at Global level, Denim shirts have grown cumulatively by +60% over past 2 years. However, if you see the graph below, while demand has been consistently growing, UK and US have seen the most rise with a surge during summer months in 2017.

In India, Denim Shirt as a product has been searched consistently across the year since 2016. The demand has seen an occasional rise during Winter months, as opposed to the West, where it gained popularity during Summer 2017.

Specific growth is in ‘black denim shirt’ + 60% and ‘men’s short sleeve denim shirt’ +120%. For India, the new clean look of denim works as a new direction to take the shirts category, as seen from Runway and Social trends so far. It looks like denim shirts will remain a sustained staple variants in the Men’s casual wardrobe in India.

Stylumia Insights

A Validation of the above with retail insights from Stylumia Intelligence helps track the rise and fall of this product among consumers real-time.

The UK as a region shows the highest demand for Denim shirts, as per search trends. The same is validated through Stylumia Retail insights where-in UK retail contributes the highest percentage of top trending products in denim fabric, ie. at 10%. The US takes the minority at 3%. India retail witness top trending 5% in denim fabric, largely driven by online brands in the value price segment. captured by online brands in the value price segment.

Internationally and in India, retailers and brands have considered Indigo shirts as a fashion staple, as seen in the seasonal collection offering. However, the ones that are clear winners are in the league of mid-blue washed shirts in not very thick fabrications.

Dark to light denim versions were seen in the trending, wash effects seem to be popular among Indian consumers. Distress and worn out effects, embroidery are not trending at large.


The sentiment towards denim fabric for shirts, as seen in search trends and validated with Stylumia retail insights seem promising for Indian Retail. It remains a fashion staple for the coming Spring Summer 2018, extending as a trans-seasonal product for early Spring hits and Autumn carry-forwards as well.

Rising sustainably season after season, globally the look of these products are changing. Last year’s distress and embroidery, though currently trending in some parts of retail, is also giving room to the new clean surface denim shirts. Sheen, crisp and dark indigo fabric in fluid and structured weights are seen on platforms like Social and Seasonal collections.

Keeping in mind the international trend, Indian brands can equip themselves in 2018 for a continued interest in denim shirts, with a surge extending in clean refined looks.

Blog by: Pooja Saraf

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