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2023 Beauty Trends: The Allure Of Scents

| 5 min read

In the thriving beauty industry, it’s crucial for retailers to stay updated on the latest trends and strategies to stay competitive.

As per a recent BOF article, two emerging 2023 beauty trends are sustainability and eco-friendly products. Brands are integrating sustainable ingredients and packaging into their offerings. Additionally, personalized beauty products are gaining traction, leveraging AI, AR, and machine learning to develop customized skincare and makeup items that cater to specific skin types and concerns. The article also highlights the growing use of CBD in skincare and the rising demand for gender-neutral beauty products.

Mintel’s 2023 Beauty Trends and Personal Care Report cautions brands to prepare for notable shifts in consumer expectations and behavior, attributed to technology. The report highlights that technology is transforming the way brands and consumers interact, and brands must be aware of these changes to effectively engage with their customers.

Winning 2023 Beauty Trends

The beauty industry witnessed a notable change in consumer preferences during the pandemic, resulting in significant growth in certain categories. With remote work and social distancing becoming widespread, consumers redirected their attention to skincare products and self-care routines, leading to the expansion of the skincare and wellness sectors.

Notably, fragrance has experienced the most robust growth in the past six months, indicating that consumers are placing increased importance on scents and perfumes.

According to a report by Statista, the fragrance segment is projected to generate revenue of approximately US $8.71 billion in 2023. The segment is anticipated to experience an annual growth rate of 1.70% from 2023 to 2027. The United States is predicted to be the top revenue generator in this segment, with an estimated revenue of $8,715 million in 2023.

The demand for skincare has remained stable over the past two years, with a consistent growth rate of approximately 4% observed in skincare routines and self-care products in the last six months. On the other hand, the demand for hair and makeup has shown a slightly lower growth rate of around 3.5%, indicating that these categories may not be experiencing as high demand as Fragrance and Skincare.

These trends reflect changing consumer preferences in the beauty industry, with a potential focus shift towards fragrances in addition to skincare products.

Scent-sational! Fragrance Sales on the Rise

Perfumes have shown the strongest growth among fragrances, with a growth in demand of 13.19%, followed by colognes at 3.80%. The perfume oil has experienced a smaller growth rate of 6.67%. The subcategory of Perfume-Roll-On has experienced a decrease in demand at -3.91%.

Carolina Herrera and TOM FORD boosted their supply significantly in Winter 22 and Spring 23, with 666.67% and 127.78% growth respectively. Their impressive demand growth at 333.33% and 1000.00% respectively indicates a strong market demand for their products. Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Beauty, and Dior also showed high demand growth rates at 250.00%, 225.00%, and 225.00% respectively.

However, KILIAN Paris and Yves Saint Laurent had lower supply and demand growth rates, indicating less success in expanding their products and marketing efforts compared to other brands in Sephora USA.

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The Holiday Phenomenon

In the United States, December consistently experiences the highest online browsing activity for perfumes, driven by the holiday season, including Christmas and Hanukkah. Perfumes are popular gifts during this time as they are considered luxurious and meaningful. Individuals may also be searching for new fragrances to wear during holiday parties and events. Furthermore, retailers and e-commerce platforms provide substantial discounts and special deals during the holiday season to attract customers and boost sales.

Additionally, online sales during the holiday season have increased significantly in recent years. This indicates that a growing number of shoppers prefer to browse and purchase products.

Aroma-azing: 3 Fragrances That Went Viral on Social Media in 2023


PHLUR’s latest fragrance, Missing Person, has taken the TikTok world by storm. Users have been raving about the scent, describing it as a lingering and romantic fragrance that evokes feelings of love and nostalgia. The perfume’s popularity was amplified by the emotional reactions captured by TikTokers.

Whether tearful or filled with pure joy, the response to Missing Person has been overwhelmingly positive, turning it into a viral sensation on the popular social media platform.

2. Sol de Janeiro’s Cheirosa 62 Body Spray

Sol de Janeiro’s Cheirosa 62 body spray has become a TikTok sensation, garnering an astounding 661.7 million views on the platform. Despite the brand’s well-known reputation for its acclaimed Bum Bum Cream, the body spray has emerged as a top seller. TikTok users rave about its tropical scent, describing it as evocative of a dreamy vacation and suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the influence of social media, this product has gained significant popularity and its fame keeps on rising.

On Instagram, the hashtag #cheirosa62 was used in over 1500 posts, many of which featured reels that garnered up to 400K views. In addition to this hashtag, users have also employed #cheirosa62thesmellofsummer and #cheirosa62thescentofsummer to showcase the appeal of this body spray.

It is evident that social media has played a significant role in spreading the word about the Cheirosa 62 fragrance, and Instagram along with TikTok has been a particularly effective platform for doing so. The popularity of this product on social media reflects its reputation as a must-have item for anyone seeking a summery, tropical scent.

3. Yves Saint Laurent – Libre Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre Eau de Parfum gained immense popularity on social media platforms. The hashtag #libreeaudeparfum was used in over 2000 Instagram posts, featuring influencers trying on the perfume, describing its fragrance, and sharing unboxing videos. On TikTok, the perfume has amassed a staggering 554.3 million views.

The official page showcases promotional content highlighting the perfume’s notes and ingredients, as well as videos of people applying and discussing the fragrance. The page also provides links for purchasing the perfume and other Yves Saint Laurent products. This viral perfume has taken social media by storm, indicating its appeal to consumers seeking a luxurious fragrance.

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