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The Ultimate Cheatsheet on Duster


Last month, Elle.com did a feature on the 13 most coveted duster jackets for Fall 2016. Their slideshow revealed that almost every high street brand, from Mango to Zara and Topshop, are betting big on the duster coat this Autumn. The question that remains is which dusters to bet on?

Thrice As Nice

Here’s a Google Trends graph illustrating how the general interest around the duster coat has trebled in the past five years, and has been the highest so far in September 2016. And with good reason. The duster coat is the most youth friendly update on the classic Trench coat and is the single biggest Autumn layering trend this season.

Brands That Dust

The top trending dusters on Stylumia are between style ranks 15 and 179 from brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Next, Dorothy Perkins (available exclusively on Jabong) and Topshop.

The top selling styles show a clear tilt towards neutral colours such as camel, white, black, olive and grey. Prints are very rare, with brands such as Topshop and Forever 21 opting for chic stripes. The other strong design elements are the presence of the big pockets in the front as seen at Topshop and H&M, a sleek fabric belt and also the sleeveless styles seen at brands such as Dorothy Perkins, ideal for Autumn layering.

The fabric range is wide. Everything from modal and polyester (H&M, Forever 21), suedette, fleece to twill (Dorothy Perkins), cotton and jersey knit (Next) is being used for dusters.

Considering the freshness of the trend and the fact that it comes with a shelf life of at least two more seasons, home grown, indigenous fast fashion brands should seize this opportunity.

Here are the top 9 duster coats on Stylumia that gives an indication on the styles that are working.

Bollywood Dusts Away

On social media, the most favourite duster coat image featuring a Bollywood star is not one with usual suspects such as Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. It is, in fact, an image featuring Myntra’s new private label brand MsTaken by Myntra with  newbie Kriti Sanon wearing a long grey duster. It raked in a massive 144k likes on Instagram.

The trend was popular with Bollywood ladies as early as last Autumn. Deepika Padukone wore a white sleeveless duster during promotional activities for her film Piku and soon followed it up with an identical style in black while promoting Bajirao Mastani last year. The unusual pairing of the duster coat with culottes got her 136k and 159k likes respectively on Instagram.

No fashion trend is legitimate in India unless Sonam Kapoor wears a designer version of it, and preferably at the airport. Kapoor’s recent airport sightings have her wearing an Ashish Soni duster coat (56.5k Instagram likes) and a golden Rajesh Pratap Singh one (125 k likes).

A few stars made the coat a part of their holiday wardrobes. Parineeti Chopra’s plaid duster worn during her trip to Down Under garnered 69k likes on Instagram, while Aithya Shetty’s holiday pic in a burnt sienna duster fetched her 306.k double taps.

Both Shetty and Chopra have worn the duster coat on several occasions, with the latter wearing a bright printed version at the opening of the H&M store at the DLF Mall.

And then there’s the spunky Sonakshi Sinha who almost treats the duster coat as a staple. A picture posted on her timeline a week ago has her adding a spot of colour  in the form of a fitted duster to an all white look. Insta love quotient of her green duster? 46.4k likes..

Global Buzz

Supermodel and proud Kardashian clan member Kendall Jenner can be credited with giving the duster coat immense fashion currency. She wore one in black at a fashion week backstage and before you could say “duster”, the image garnered 1.1 million likes on Instagram. That was also the earliest celebrity spotting of the trend (in January this year). Pop icon Rihanna’s statement denim duster with intricate embroidery worn for the cover of the British Vogue in the following month made for not only a fantastic fashion image, but also great social media stardom, with a whopping 845k likes on the image.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid stole 837k likes wearing a white duster in Paris and Poppy Delivigne’s head turning animal printed number got her a staggering 645k likes. Fashion influencers Olivia Palermo and Leandra Medine (of the popular fashion blog Man Repeller) have also endorsed the trend – the latter sported a seriously clutter breaking gingham check duster.

Most Pinned Dusters

Pinterest is also having a duster moment currently, with street style images of fashionistas rocking the duster coats over skinny jeans and short dresses.[show_more more=”Read Full Blog..” ] On Pinterest too, it’s the muted shades of pink and beige that seem to be the most popular with 13.8k and 13k repins respectively. And then there’s an unexpected cheery yellow sleeveless style that’s garnered 11.4k repins, perhaps because Victoria Beckham stepped out of the airport in an identical duster in June this year.

Blog by: Piali Dasgupta


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