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Runway Inspirations: Stylumia Next

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A mile of a highway will take you a mile…
28 feet of the runway can win you billions of hearts…

Runways remain a constant source of inspiration to every fashion designer world over. It is hectic many weeks of Fashion Shows from New York to Paris now.

The Packed Fashion Week Schedule Fall 2018

We wanted to get to the bottom of the inspirations of these designers.

After going through interviews with many designers, we could collect a lot of their inspirations which led to their collections. It is fascinating to see how diverse their motivations are. We list here ten of them.

Inspirations of our Inspirations

#1 “I really wanted to capture a mood, I wanted it to be completely celebratory, happy” – Christian Cowan

#2 “It’s about being addicted to fashion, being addicted to touching fabrics, to feeling the fabrics” – Marcel Ostertag

#3 “Lost memories and untold stories.” – Bonnie Young

#4 “Worldly and courageous, always exploring new horizons, the ICB girl finds herself amongst snow-capped summits and icy peaks this season.” – ICB

#5 “Flower fields of fantasy.” – Lela Rose

#6 “Serenity” – Delpozo

#7 “Take me away to a different place and time.” – Cladia Li

#8 “Girls Gone Wild.” – Ji Oh

#9  “Hive.” – Christian Siriano

#10 “Cleopatra” – Naeem Khan

The inspirations are diverse and can come from anywhere. We will now look at what it takes to analyse the runway trends.
Just a quick look at the magnitude of information that comes in to analyse from these fashion shows gives us an idea of the effort required to make sense out of them.

Number of designers / Fashion Show         = app. 150
Number of looks/designer                           = app 40
Total Number of Looks/Fashion Show         = app 6000
Number of Major Fashions shows/season   = 4
Total Number of Looks to process/season   = app 24000

It is visually challenging to process these looks even if one has to look at through filters of a subset of designers.
In the absence of a better way of analysing runways, designers resort to browsing these looks and related content through publications which are challenging and time-consuming and not exhaustive.
We could empathise with the cognitive load on the designers doing this research. This prompted us to make an attempt to simplify. You would appreciate if we put some numbers to get a perspective on the degree of difficulty.Larger the data size better the insights. The process of deriving insights from the looks is to compare each look with the rest and pick favourite/similar trends. The amount of effort involved in analysing each look with all the others is a mathematical problem of combinations. With 24000 looks, the amount of combinations involved is a staggering.

288,000,000 combinations

We do know a fashion designer may not review all the designers. Any fraction of this number is also a large number for doing full justice.

This challenge gave us the inspiration to step in and look at ways to make the process simpler. The Stylumia Runway is born.

Stylumia Runway collects and processes all the looks using Stylumia Lens (a computer vision engine), looks for similarity and groups them. The data is organised by fashion week and designers for users to discover the patterns across designers in an intuitive, simple fashion.

Stylumia Runway is underway, and we would like to provide a glimpse of what is coming up with a collection of patterns spotted from the New York Fashion Week Fall 2018.

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