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PANTONE Stylumia Partnership : Winning Color Intelligence

Color Intelligence Partnership

We are excited to announce the Pantone Stylumia Partnership.

Pantone is known globally for its color standards. Stylumia brings the power of demand science and artificial intelligence to colors in the fashion and lifestyle industry. This partnership enables bringing what colors are liked by consumers (winning colors) across influencing brands and designers, and practical adoption.

Stylumia has developed cutting edge color detection capabilities on fashion and lifestyle images at internet scale to get true colors that consumers love. The objective is to provide micro actionable insights to fashion and lifestyle brands on what are the winning color trends.

By associating Stylumia’s color trends with Pantone’s color references, we enable brands to easily produce these colors in the real world. From the moment a trend is digitally detected by Stylumia, analyzed for demand, to the time of production in factories, brands can now speak a common language of colors with Pantone.

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