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Jazz Up with Kurtis this Summer

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While it’s been a woman’s wardrobe staple for ages, the best part about the humble Kurta is how it constantly reinvents itself to blend in with the times. A perennial ethnic favourite, trends suggest longstanding styles such as the Anarkalis, definitely on a slow down for SS2017, with Straight and A-line silhouettes in medium to floor length styles dominating the fashion scene.

However, it’s shorter cousin – the Kurti, is emerging and topping the charts when it comes to the latest trend in ethnic Indian wear.

The Emergence of the Kurti

Consider these exclusive Close to season Stylumia insights: 7 out of 20 from the current top 100 styles are Kurtis this Spring 2017, which means about 45% of the consumer is vouching for this easy and summer friendly style that comes in many variations in design.

Further, while both Kurtas and Kurtis show a steady increase in online interest since the past 5 years, the Kurti shows a steeper rise in popularity since early 2015.

The Kurti’s popularity rises as temperatures rise too. Google search trends confirm the steady slowdown of Long Kurtas, with a pick-up in numbers for Short Kurtis year around. The consumer search trend for Summer is consistently high as April last year and considerably more spiked than Kurtas this April 2017. Recent search data suggests; women are currently searching to wear ‘short Kurtis over jeans’ which is +100% rise till date.

These consumer trends are highlighted through Social media, that has the receipts! The appearance and popularity of influencers in different styles of the Kurti is evident. From asymmetrical cuts with hem play, to a light layered jacket style perfect for the summer, Kurti is back with a bang this season.

A recent Instagram post of Alia Bhatt wearing a Payal Singhal high low style Kurta (seen below), has garnered 649k likes, clearly reflecting consumer’s interest in the silhouette. It can also be noticed that the Kurti’s favourite partner currently are wide legged palazzo or dhoti pants.

Upon a close review of the freshest trends as seen on runway & social, a few key trends commonly seen in long Kurtas and short Kurtis emerge. Upon validation through consumer search and exclusive Stylumia insights, these trends are going to be customer favourites in Summer 2017.

Do you have these trends in your range yet?

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Blog by: Naaila Khan

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