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Stylumia brings the latest blogs on Color AI, Retail AI, Fashion AI & Ecommerce AI with the help of data-driven insights

How To Grow Fashion Business Online From Zero To One?

How to grow Fashion business online is a most sought after question these days. We addressed this question in our recent webinar training. You can access the full recording below. We had an overwhelming response to this webinar. Thank you for all those who registered and participated. What we covered? Those who are going through […]

on August 17, 2020

Move From Common Practice To Common Sense: Grow Profits By 5X

  In this edit, we are using Eliyahu’s approach to look at how a fashion business is conducted and come out with a theory for transformation. Fasten your seatbelts. Following are the list of questions asked by Eliyahu to a group of leaders of a Brand company (BRAND ABC) and their answers. It all started […]

on May 9, 2019

Learning From The Nation Of Start-Ups: Israel

We should use our imagination more than our memory – Shimon Peres This edit is a result of my reading “Connecting the Dots” by John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus, CISCO (one of the best reads of 2019 so far). John acquired over 100 companies to manage and lead market transitions in CISCO’s journey and a good number of them are […]

on April 11, 2019

Look For Grey Rhinos & Black Swans: Win Consumers By A Big Margin

We all may remember the book  “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb of 2008 which talks about the impact of highly improbable events. My recent read of “The Grey Rhino” by Michele Wucker looks very complementary to the Black Swan and in fact even to some extent challenges the very perspective of Black Swan events. More interestingly we can […]

on April 4, 2019

The Magical Number 7 +/- 2: How To Grab Attention?

     Imagine a fashion store you enter, if you see too many things happening, what will be your response? Don’t you get confused and get a tendency to repel? It is happening because of cognitive science. This edit looks at if there is a limitation to our attention?   We keep talking about the […]

on March 28, 2019

Sound of Style: Sensing beyond human Perception

It is amazing to look at different human senses and learn from their interplay, for example, the visual and hearing. The seed for this edit occurred when I was reading a blog from StitchFix which conducts industry-leading personalization experiments. One of the challenging problems in fashion is to identify the style or taste of a consumer. Traditional ways to […]

on October 11, 2018

The Dragonfly Vision: Super Predictor

(Image Courtesy: Mitsuhiko Imamori/Minden Pictures) One of the key questions as we travel the fashion world which keeps coming frequently is, What will trend one year/ x months from now?  Every fashion brand or a retailer world over is looking at improving their accuracy on prediction and trying to improve their probability of success. We looked […]

on June 27, 2018

Fashion and FIFA 2018

Living rooms these days are buzzing with football fans cheering for their favourite teams. While this is the scene at the front, there is an invisible Brobdingnagian – Artificial Intelligence, around this world cup. While the surprise of what will turn out every match is thrilling for the fans, there is a lot of investment and […]

on June 19, 2018

Fashion Wave: Perspective from London Visit

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf ~ Jon Kabat Zinn In the ocean, waves are commonly caused by the wind as it blows across its surface. Waves of fashion are created by the winds of change. I have always been intrigued by this question “Where does a fashion trend originate?“. There can […]

on February 16, 2018

Global Retail Trends: Live from New York

I had an opportunity to visit NRF 2018 in New York earlier last month. It is one of the very well organized retail events that I have seen. The selection of technology companies and retail enablers was overwhelming. This edit is a summary of my observations and generalization of the innovations in a simplistic form. Looking […]

on February 8, 2018

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